Our mission

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Doing for others and serving God go hand in hand! Every saturday Sister 
​Audrey goes out with a crew to feed the homeless...she could always use more soldiers!

Join us on yearly mission trips to other countries to help do Gods work. There is always need...and you can help change lives.....including your own!!

Join us every sunday from 12:00 PM till 2:30 PM for weekly sunday service. All are welcome!! All we ask is that you arrive with an open heart!

About us

Helping people find their way back to God

It is essential that everyone find their way to God and be saved . All the glory of Jesus and the Holy Spirit are waiting for you .... All you have to do is accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and live by how The Bible tells us we should. Which is what we should ALL be doing already....see? Easy isnt it?

We are a small group of Christians who believe in the teachings of our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. Come and join us for worship or come and join us for our mission trips or our fund raising and help out the community as well. Pastor Sheshai Lafountaine and her congregation welcome all visitors to our church family!


Have you been saved? Isn't it time?

Our Mission is to open the eyes of every man, woman and childs hearts to the the Lord Jesus Christ through weekly worship and bible studies.